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Montessori Toddler Rainbow Hand Kites

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  • Suitable for outside exercise and indoor play + Helps grow motor skills
  • Each ring is 2.75" wide and has 6 ribbons in various sizes tied on. Each ribbon when untied is 2.95 feet long. Tied length is 14.9" for each strand. Due to the nature of this toy
  • This montessori baby hand kite features ribbons in blue,light pink,olivegreen,plum purple,light blue,pink.
  • These get played with indoors for music and dancing, and outdoors for fluttering in the wind. They are sturdy and easy to grip. They hang on the closet doors in the playroom when not in use, and add whimsical beauty to the room.
  • These hand kites make the perfect addition to the birthday swag bag!


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